The Team

Marla Goecker - CEO

As CEO, Marla does her best to keep the daily challenges of running a business at bay while helping to lead IceVayne Games to greater visions. She also tries to keep her sarcasm from going too far. Aside from that, her focus is on growing and developing a great team, organization, and business while lending a helping hand in on the actual game stuff from time to time.

In her free time, Marla enjoys gaming with her son and riding her Harley with the baddest group of women, the Biker Bitches.

Kevin Griffith - Studio Director

As Studio Director for IceVayne Games, Kevin leads game development at the studio, whether that’s supporting and growing the development group, or getting in and doing some designing, programming, and implementing himself.  Kevin is everything when it comes to the games, as well as level design and a general guru of the Unreal Engine. His main focus is to conceive and communicate the overall visual style and direction of our projects and to inspire and motivate. Everyone at the studio wears multiple hats, and Kevin enjoys stacking hats with the best of them.

In his free time, Kevin is a writer, composer (music is his escape, we at the studio know he needs it), and a gym rat, which we at the studio are glad for….take that aggression out on the bars not us!

Matrix - THE REAL BOSS of the Studio

We all know that Matrix is the real boss of our studio. He makes sure he gives vital meows (and quite loudly) during team meetings, as well as makes sure that everyone is paying attention. When not putting in his critical meows, he is outside taking care of real world cat business.

Super Huge Thanks to....

Massive thanks to:

  • Dominic Pratt For lending his voice to bring our games to life.

  • Miguel Alcantara for being the blueprinting savior! Without you we wouldn't be where we are today.

  • Rafael Dias Sanson for his amazing talents in implementing combat! You are a true master at UE4 blueprinting.


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